Explore an universe of possibilities to exceed your professional objectives.


At Nitlogis, we are committed to building a more diverse workforce and a more inclusive workplace by focusing on transparency, accountability, and community.

Be a part of the team that creates and delivers best in class designs and elevations and with path-breaking works that are changing the face of South India’s development.

Discover a world of opportunities to exceed your career goals.

Here is an opportunity to write your chapter in the success story of our rapidly growing organization. This is your chance to be an important landmark in our journey towards becoming a world-class business. Join us today!


Nitlogis is looking for people with all levels of experience. There is a good chance we have the opportunity that is right for you.

At Nitlogis, the most important thing that we have learned from our customers is that the most critical attribute we can bring to our projects is talent. That is the reason why we have the best workforce in the business – and why we are constantly looking for talented individuals to meet our growing needs in offices and projects around the world.

We hire at all levels of experience. Whether you are a seasoned industry professional or a fresher, if you have the drive and talent Nitlogis is the best place to build your career.


At Nitlogis, we are driven by our achievements and this is reflected in all of our creations. Whenever we encounter a problem, we come up with a solution. We turn challenges into opportunities and have been leading the way in this new modern era.


At Nitlogis, it requires a unique company culture and work environment to handle the most complex and demanding projects in the world. Our vision and values dictate the way we conduct business, and our commitment to relationships fosters a supportive and tight-knit community. No matter where Nitlogis’s projects take us, we feel like we are a part of a strong family.


Our personnel are the most valuable and beloved asset at Nitlogis. This company’s foundation is made up of its employees, and we regard them all equally. It is impossible to overstate the influence of expectations. People’s performance at work is largely determined by our expectations of them and their expectations of themselves, a phenomenon known as the Pygmalion effect. The performance standards and room for improvement at work are determined by this principle.


At Nitlogis, we attract the best and the brightest talent and we strive hard to retain them. We offer a comprehensive benefits package to all our full-time employees. We review and upgrade our benefits and compensation plans to keep them competitive and effective. We pay attention to the feedback from our workforce to ensure that we invest every penny in programs that are most important to our employees.
The comprehensive employee benefits provided at Nitlogis include:

• Life Insurance
• Medical Care
• Employee Assistance Program
• Fringe benefits
• Annual health check-ups
• Flexible leave benefits
• Flexible benefits option schemes

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